Follow Up

The fully customisable contact management application provides a mechanism for sending automated customer reminders via email, SMS and direct mail, controlling operator calling lists, recording inbound and outbound call information and managing follow up data from various sources in one place.

Customisable Timelines & Templates

Send vehicle model and service specific communication to your customers, changing the content if the same method of contact is to appear multiple times on the fully customisable follow up timeline.

2-way SMS

Users can interact with customers using 2-way, real-time SMS directly from exstoCRM.

Template editor

You can take control of your email, SMS and mail templates using the simple but powerful, built-in template editor.

Post Fulfilment**

There’s no need to print, fold, package and post your letters, we can do all of that for you with full edge to edge printing available and the option of sending a variety of post cards if you’d rather.

Multiple Data Sources

Combine all of your follow up requirements into one system with varying timelines for Service Plans, VHC records with Red and Amber work now due and upcoming services.

CFA (POLK) Integrations

Files extracted from CFA, formerly POLK, can be uploaded directly into the CRM platform to populate calling pots and email, SMS and direct mail timelines.

Reserve an AutoPoint at the point of booking to give your customers the choice of how they would like to interact with you on the day of their visit.

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Owner Change Notification

Being a DVLA Bulk Data Partner we have an inbuilt mechanism for identifying customers who have changed their vehicle using our AutoCleanse module.

Forward Booking Notification

By automatically detecting a future booking we can close down any open timelines for a vehicle meaning unwarranted and unwanted communication is not sent to your customers.

Operator Control

Control who and how much access to call pots Operators have, Operator Control even allows external contact centres to use Follow Up in a limited way for dealers without an in-house resource.

Push Reporting & Dashboards

Subscribe to a number of group-wide, data rich, powerful reports which can be delivered directly to your inbox, or cast an eye over the real-time dashboards to monitor performance.

Courtesy Cars

Use our courtesy car diary to manage your fleet and daily availability together with administration of bookings, collection and deliveries.

Confirmations & Reminders

Sending reminders to customers that work is now due is great, but follow that up with a thank you confirmation with details of their confirmed booking and a reminder the day before they are due in to help reduce no shows. With integration with iVHC you could ask them to check in online and even deposit their keys in an AutoPoint locker.

Customisable contact strategies.

Service Plans & VHC

Service Plans & VHC

Against each record a CRM user can immediately see any service plan or recent vehicle health check information without the need to open other systems.

Loyalty Ranking

Loyalty Ranking

Use our customisable weighting facility to rank customers by loyalty, putting those customers that are most likely to book at the top of the calling list.

iVHC Report

iVHC Report

When sending emails and letters to customers reminding them of Red and Amber work now due, include the full health check reports.

Drive Time

Drive Time

Automatically calculate drive time and distance between customer addresses and the dealership of their choice using our integration to Google.



Effectively and efficiently communicate with your Motability customers reminding them when their current contracts are coming to an end.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Each communication event, keeper change, forward booking, action and outcome are all recorded within the system, and with this comes the comprehensive reporting required to effectively manage inbound and outbound contact teams and plan future contact strategies.


Following a visit to your workshop or a vehicle sale, send the customer an automated, personalised request to complete a short online questionnaire to gain insight into staff and dealership performance.

TrustPilot Integration

As a TrustPilot Partner we can help improve your TrustPilot score by asking every customer to rate their visit experience.

Embedded Video

Embed videos from service managers on a customer survey page thanking customers for their visit to create that personal touch.

Google Ranking

Improve your Google ranking by allowing customers to post to your Google review page following completion of the questionnaire.

Instant Surveys

Surveys that can be completed by the customer before they leave the dealership offer a great insight into experiences, and also allow issues to be resolved immediately.

Branched Questions

Choose different questions for a customer to answer based on their response to a previous question, requesting more detail should they mark a lower score for example.

Attach iVHC Record

If a questionnaire is sent from iVHC then the iVHC record can be attached to the communication, so the customer has all information to hand to complete it.

Mail & Post Cards

Rather than send electronic requests via email, you could send questionnaires by post or on a post card.

Returned Letters

Monitor any undelivered mail through the Returned Letters facility to ensure your customer address database is up to date.

** Country dependent

Connect Managment App

Search group stock to ensure the customer has the choice of all your vehicles using tight integrations with Stock Master with any open enquiries also showing within the Stock Master record.

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