VIDEO1st - Deliver the excitement of the showroom to your customers and building trust while their vehicle is in your workshop through personalised video


Differentiate yourself from the crowd by delivering the excitement of the showroom
experience to your customers in the comfort of their own home, and also by building trust
while their vehicle is in your workshop through the use of personalised videos.

We WOW your customers.

Using VIDEO1st dealers can now engage customers more readily at point of enquiry by empowering them with up to date, relevant information using personalised videos, appropriate photographs and pertinent documents, websites and brochures, all delivered promptly via email and SMS.

Video1st Mobile
  • Device Neutral

    Device Neutral

    There’s no need to purchase additional, often very costly equipment because VIDEO1st will work on any internet enabled mobile device with an iOS or Android operating system and built in camera.

  • Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    With no initial setup costs, no contracts to sign, being device neutral and starting at only £49 per department, VIDEO1st is extremely cost effective.

  • Multiple Media Items

    Multiple Media Items

    Using one device, a user can capture and/or upload multiple videos and photographs into each vehicle gallery and deliver them to the customer to view at their convenience.

  • Notifications


    Users will receive instant notifications as videos are watched by your customers or comments and questions added.

  • Management Dashboard

    Management Dashboard

    Browse through logs for each media gallery to see how many are being sent, when they are being watched, how long they are being viewed for and what devices are being used.

  • Management Review

    Management Review

    You may want to have your managers review media galleries before being delivered to a customer or send them straight from the device, the choice is yours.

Shoot like a pro.



If you want to get a better angle for the next shot, simply pause the video, get ready and restart recording. The videos will be seamlessly stitched together before being sent to the customer.

Camera Zoom

Camera Zoom

When recording a video, zoom in and highlight areas of interest for your customers so they don't have to guess at what they are being shown.

Recording photos

Recording Photos

Take photographs of areas you want to highlight while you’re recording a video to save time, with all media being sent to the customer in one gallery.

Upload to Website

Upload to website

Use the VIDEO1st App not only to create personalised videos for your customers, but also to create videos for used cars available on your website which can be uploaded automatically with the click of a button.

Logo Burn

Logo Burn

Make the videos more personal to you by burning your logo onto them, creating a unique experience for your customers.

Top and tail

Top and Tail

Add top and tails automatically to all videos sent from VIDEO1st introducing your dealerships and explaining the content of the video, creating a professional look and feel for all media sent to your customers.

Personal Web Page

Personal Web Page

Each customer who is sent a media gallery can watch their videos and browse through their photographs on their own personalised web page.

Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Many of generation Y and Z want to communicate electronically, so customers can ask questions or request more information using the comments area on their personalised page, with replies posted from you in a conversation format.

External Links

External Links

Keep your customers informed by including links to websites or documents relating to their enquiry in their personlised page.

Multiple Contact Methods

Multiple Contact Methods

Deliver a consistent message to your customers through both email and SMS using the fully customisable templates, each of which include a link to their personalised web page.