Differentiate yourself from the crowd by delivering the excitement of the showroom experience, creating immersive adverts or by building trust while a vehicle is in the workshop through personalised and stock videos.

Video Editor

Video sequences can be easily moved, deleted or re-recorded using the apps in-built editing tool.

Stock Master

Videos and photographs can be sent directly to a related Stock Master record ready to be uploaded to your website and AutoTrader.

Number Plate Recognition

Number plate recognition is included to negate the need to manually enter the registration number, simply scan and go.

Augmented Concerns

Augmented Concerns combine augmented reality and video technology to create a more immersive and self-explanatory visual experience for your customers


Upload videos and photographs of your vehicle stock directly to your website, AutoTrader and Modix adverts.

Simple. Intuitive. Affordable.

Cost Effective

With no initial setup costs, no contracts to sign, available on iOS and Android devices and starting at only £49 per department, VIDEO1st is extremely cost effective.

Device Neutral

There’s no need to purchase additional, often very costly equipment because VIDEO1st will work on any internet enabled mobile device with an iOS or Android operating system and built in camera.

Multiple Media Items

Using one device, a user can capture and/or upload multiple videos and photographs into each vehicle gallery and deliver them to the customer to view at their convenience.

Management Review

You may want to have your managers review media galleries before being delivered to a customer or send them straight from the device, the choice is yours.

Management Dashboard

Browse through logs for each media gallery to see how many are being sent, when they are being watched, how long they are being viewed for and what devices are being used.


Users will receive instant notifications as videos are watched by your customers or comments and questions added.

Consistent customer communication.

Personal Web Page

Each customer who is sent a media gallery can watch their videos and browse through their photographs on their own personalised web page.

2-Way Messaging

Many people today want to communicate electronically, so customers can ask questions or request more information using the 2-way messaging area on their personalised page, with replies posted from you in a conversation format.

Time to Web

Videos and photographs taken through VIDEO1st can be immediately uploaded to your Web Master website.

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Stock Link

A Web Master stock URL can be automatically attached to the customers VIDEO1st page for them to easily click to see the vehicle they are interested in with all available details.

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Photo Tagging

Multiple tags can be added to all photographs to highlight areas of interest to would-be buyers.

Virtual Backgrounds Facility

Automatically remove the background from your photographs taken through the VIDEO1st app and replaced with a virtual background to improve consistency and customer engagement.

Multiple Contact Methods

Deliver a consistent message to your customers through both email and SMS using the fully customisable templates, each of which include a link to their personalised web page.

Vehicle Valuation Survey

As part of a customer engagement through VIDEO1st a customer can request to value their current vehicle, completing a valuation request survey and uploading media to ensure an accurate quote is delivered.

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