exstoPay is our own payment gateway fully integrated with the exsto and Web Master platforms allowing online and in-dealer payments to be taken from both debit and credit cards.

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Transaction Management

All transactions can be fully managed within the exsto platform making full reconciliation and refunding a breeze, reducing the need to login to non-integrated payment platforms.


Online Vehicle Purchase

exstoPay can be used for outright online vehicle purchases from Web Master as it is fully integrated into the buying journey.

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Online Reservation

Allow a customer to reserve one of your used vehicles online and take a reservation fee through exstoPay.

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Customers can pay online for both the authorised VHC work and the Scheduled work using the exstoPay integration within our Workshop module.

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Ad-Hoc Payments

As well as being fully integrated, a one-off manually generated payment link can be sent to customers via email or SMS to capture payment for just about anything.

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