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As a duty of care to all of your customers, ensure that a health check is completed on every vehicle that enters your workshop, highlighting any concerns clearly and concisely supported by photographs and videos with Augmented Concerns.

Videos & Photographs

Videos and photographs help build trust with customers and our fully integrated products allow service advisors to record pre-inspection walkarounds and technicians to take a video while performing the health check.

Video Rating

A rating can be requested from the customer asking them to score the video they have just watched. This allows you review each technicians scores and identify if there are areas for improvement.

Online Check In

Similar to Airline-style Online Check In, customers can be invited via email and/or SMS to check-in online for their appointment a day or two before, helping to promote best practice and upsell revenues. The check-in facility also includes the work they are booked in for, the option to book an AutoPoint Locker and also remind customers to bring important documents with the ability to digitally sign at the end of the process.

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Previous VHC Concerns

Any unsold work from a previous vehicle health check, together with any related videos and photographs, is presented to the customer during Online Check In allowing them to simply choose any work they would like carried out to their booking.

Sending online check in invitations a couple of days before the visit also allows parts departments to order any items which are not in stock or available on same day delivery to avoid disappointing customers on the day of their visit.

Additional Work

Customers can add additional work not part of the booking either by leaving a note during the check in process or selecting from a range of products and accessories.

Message Board

Customers can digitally interact with service advisors by leaving a message during an online check in and sending and receiving messages directly from the customer web page with an internal message board highlighting all ongoing chats.

Service Plan

During a customer online check in, if the customer does not currently have a service plan a step can now be introduced automatically to ask if they are interested in one. This then allows the service advisor to contact the customer to find out their requirements in preparation for their visit.

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of customers choose to check in online


average upsell per job card


increase of VHC work sold


increase of add-on sales

The Customer Engagement Platform

The simple video concept has been enhanced with augmented reality to create a more immersive and self-explanatory visual experience for the customer. Augmented Concerns are used to highlight issues through visualisation, creating a better understanding and richer and more intuitive experience for your customer.

Watch Video


Create on-screen prompts for technicians when they are recording videos so that all required information and a consistent message is delivered to your customers.

Digital Reception

Service advisors can check customer’s in digitally via the Reception module. This drives process, ensuring the right questions are asked every time and upsell opportunities aren’t missed.

Workshop Mobile app

Technicians carry out each Workshop using an App on an iOS or Android tablet device of your choice, selecting the relevant template, taking any necessary pre-inspection photographs and completing all mandatory checks.

Digital Job Card

Digitising the front of the job card, Additional Work allows users to manage the work order and any additional jobs added in Online Check-In and/or Reception.

Online Authorisation & Payment

Through their own personalised Workshop page a customer can view all identified concerns with supporting media, self-authorise and pay for this work using our exstoPay payment gateway, 3rd party Pay Now options or a 0% payment plan. The online customer page also includes a 2-way messaging function to ensure the customer can get in contact with you, whatever their situation.

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Service Check Sheets

Include brand specific service check sheets which can be completed by the technician on their dedicated Workshop app and then sent to the customer.

Quality Checks

The embedded quality check module ensures that standards are maintained using randomised inspections of work carried out that can then be used for analysis purposes.

Give your customers the option to drop off and collect their vehicle keys from our AutoPoint which are fully integrated into the VHC process from initial booking all the way to invoice and collection.

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Injection of Previous Concerns

Inject any previously unsold Red or Amber work concerns identified as part of an earlier Workshop on the vehicle automatically into the new health check as mandatory inspections.

Push Notifications

Users stay informed with the status of VHCs and customer interactions via the integrated push notification system.


Call customers and record notes or assign a service advisor using the pre-call facility which highlights all relevant information, such as first visit notifications, last service dates, any recent health check information and full service history.

Daily Work & Dashboards

Check your daily performance for sold, declined and deleted work through the live daily work screen, with departmental performance available through dashboards optimised for internet enabled TV’s.

Parts Management

Price concerns and view stock levels in no time using the DMS* and tyre integration** facilities, selecting the correct parts with the help of photographs and videos and reduce parts obsolescence through automated parts status updates.

Data Rich Reporting

To ensure you are getting the most from your vehicle health checks, there are an extensive range of reports available to help you fully analyse performance by dealership, advisor and technician.

Pre Authorisation

Gather a customer’s signature on a tablet device to authorise any work identified during a vehicle health check, up to an agreed value, to be completed without the need for further approval.

Connected is key.

Management App

Management App

Ensure each dealership is engaged with Workshop by monitoring completion rates and red and amber work identification and upsell using our new Connect App.

Menu Pricing

Menu Pricing

Full menu pricing systems can be integrated with Workshop for parts pricing and stock availability.

Repair Plan

Repair Plan

Allow customers to pay monthly for Amber or deferred Red work concerns identified as part of an Workshop to increase customer satisfaction and retention levels.

Tyre Integration

Tyre Integration**

View your available tyre stock and place orders directly from Workshop through our full integration with major distributors.

Payment Plan

Payment Plan

Afford your customers the opportunity to spread the cost of any Red work concerns identified through Workshop over a set period while having the repair fixed on the day.

DMS Integration

DMS Integration*

DMS integration allows for direct daily and incremental download of job, parts and stock information from multiple DMS systems. Write back into Keyloop autoline and Drive is also available as part of our Keyloop Partner status.

* DMS integration required ** Country dependent

Connect Management App

Use the Connect management App to view group and individual dealer performance to save receiving hundreds of reports every week.

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