Online Check-In

Similar to Airline-style Online Check-In, customers are invited to check-in online for their appointment a few days before, helping to promote best practice, ensure consistency and increase upsell revenues.

The check-in facility also includes the work they are booked in for, the option to book an AutoPoint or Sharebox Locker and also remind customers to bring important documents with the ability to digitally sign at the end of the process.

Increased Visit Efficiency

The last thing you want is for queues to build up at service reception or any digital lockers you have in your dealership. Lockers are there for the purpose of removing visit inefficiencies.

Therefore, every check-in is completed either upstream of the visit or via an tablet device away from the lockers when in the dealer.

This ensures the customer's visit is as efficient as possible and also means that you do not need multiple locker installs to overcome the queues.

The Online Journey

Booking Details

Present the customer with all their visit details, personal and vehicle information and contact requirements.

Booked Work

Show the customer exactly what they have booked in for.

Additional Work

Customers can add additional work that is not part of their booking.

Previous VHC Concerns

Any unsold work from a previous vehicle health check, together with any related videos and photographs, is presented to the customer during Online Check In allowing them to simply choose any work they would like carried out to their booking.

Sending online check in invitations a couple of days before the visit also allows parts departments to order any items which are not in stock or available on same day delivery to avoid disappointing customers on the day of their visit.

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Recommended Items & Services

Recommend items and services that would normally be offered during a physical check-in process to create additional upsell opportunity. These items can be dealership and vehicle type specific.


In addition to recommended items and services you can also include additional accessories that the customer can purchase as part of their check-in journey.

Service Plans

If the customer does not currently have a service plan this can be offered during the check-in process.

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Vehicle Valuation

Ask the customer if they are interested in having their vehicle valued while it is in for its service or repair work. A lead will be automatically created in Enquiry Management for the Sales Department to follow up.

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AutoPoint & Sharebox Lockers

Reserve a digital AutoPoint Locker where the customer can drop off their keys on the day of their visit to increase their visit efficiency.

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Important Information

Include important information with links to web pages and other documents for the customer so they are aware of what they need to bring on the day of their visit, where they should park or what guidance they should follow.

Digital Signature

At the end of the check-in process the customer will be presented with all scheduled work and any additional, any additional work, recommended items and accessories. The customer can then sign and check-in. The information is Immediately available within exstoService Workshop.

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of customers choose to check in online


average upsell per job card


increase of VHC work sold


increase of add-on sales

You're in Control

You can control what, how and when items and accessories are displayed during a customers online check-in journey using the in-built OCI Setup Page.You can create new items, upload photos and videos, set validity periods and vehicle types the items should be available for. You are in complete control.


Images and short explainer and sales videos can be included for all recommended items and accessories to make the pages more engaging and content rich and help support and increase your online service and accessory sales.

In-Dealer Check-In

The In-Dealer Check-In facility allows customers that haven't checked in upstream of their visit to experience the same journey once in your dealership.

Every customer will receive a consistent check-in experience regardless of how they choose to check-in and your upsell opportunities are therefore offered to 100% of your eligible customers.

In-Dealer Tablets

If customers don’t have a mobile device then you can offer them option to check-in via a fixed pedestal device, similar to many hotel-style check-ins offered today.

QR Code

Customers also have the option to scan a QR code on their device and walk through the same check-in journey.

Comprehensive Reporting

To monitor and analyse check-in and upsell performance there is an extensive reporting suite available.


All online check-in pages are secure and personalised to each customer and their visit.


Landing pages, logos and all additional items and accessories are completely customisable to each dealership.

exstoService Workshop Integration

Online Check-In is fully integrated with our exstoService Workshop platform for service bookings, vehicle health check details and menu pricing data.

Additional Work

All additional work, previous VHC concerns, items, services and accessories added by customers during the check-in process can be monitored from one place.

Scheduled Work

Payment requests for all of this work can be sent from Workshop to be paid by the customer in one transaction.

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