iConsent - A suite of tools that enable consent to be managed under the GDPR.

A universal GDPR solution.

iConsent, combined with GDPR Cleanse provides a suite of tools to ensure consent under the GDPR is managed correctly.

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Capture and store all your consent in one place using iConsent. Available for both tablet and desktop, iConsent is fully embedded within the eDynamix platform with optional DMS integration*. With real-time reporting via the Connect App** and regular reports pushed to your email, iConsent also comes with our GDPR Cleanse module to aid in GDPR compliant marketing. Find out more about GDPR.

  • Service Plan

    Service Plan

    When creating a quote, iConsent will check existing consent and prompt either the user to obtain or customer to provide where missing.

  • iVHC


    When checking a customer in, iConsent will check existing consent and prompt the Service Advisor to obtain from the customer where missing.

  • Sales Desk

    Sales Desk

    When creating an enquiry, iConsent will check existing consent and prompt the Sales Executive to obtain from the customer where missing.

  • Online Bookings

    Online Bookings

    When creating a booking, iConsent will check existing consent and where missing, will ask the customer to complete their marketing preferences.

Complete logging of Consent details include:

  • User & method of capture
  • Time & date
  • Privacy Policy version

GDPR Cleanse

GDPR Cleanse provides a mechanism for full GDPR compliance when marketing your customers once consent has been captured using iConsent. GDPR Cleanse works with any DMS*** without the need for full integration and is equipped with a SAR Console for easy handling of Subject Access Requests. Right to be forgotten management and full integration to the Telephone and Mail preference services can also be included for efficient removal of customer data on the eDynamix platform.



Customers using the app will be periodically prompted for consent where missing.



iConsent captured data can be analysed in our Connect management app. Available to all iConsent customers.

Follow Up

Maintenance reminders sent in accordance with consent options. Marketing and non-marketing reminder options available. User prompt when booking if no consent for customer.



Comprehensive desktop suite of reports to analyse consent, SAR requests, RTBF requests, etc. Regular push reporting of key information.

Allowing easy cross referencing of database extracts with consent recorded via iConsent in 4 easy steps:

  • Export marketing database from the DMS
  • Upload to GDPR Cleanse
  • Compare with iConsent including consent breakdown analysis by contact method
  • Download the cleansed file ready for marketing

* DMS dependant

** Coming soon

*** Export format dependant