MOTCleanse - Improve MOT date accuracy in the DMS to increase follow up opportunity and MOT sales


We cleanse your records. Our MOT date cleanse facility** allows dealers to earn More from their existing vehicle database
by helping to improve MOT date accuracy in the DMS, which in turn improves follow up
opportunity and resultant MOT sales.

On average, 52% of MOT Dates are wrong in DMS systems.

Are you losing out on 10’s of 1,000’s of pounds in revenue because your database is holding incorrect MOT dates? Why not check your entire vehicle database against DVSA records to highlight MOT dates discrepancies, vehicles that have gone through a keeper change or those that have been scrapped, removing all discrepancies to leave clean records which can then be transferred to the DMS?

Following the initial cleanse the system can then automatically check each vehicle record created in the DMS on a daily basis, where DMS integration is available, to reduce data errors on an ongoing basis.

If a dealer with 10,000 live records identifies that 52% of these vehicles have an incorrect MOT date using MOTCleanse, then this presents an opportunity to the dealer to increase annual revenues by £188,500 based on a £45 national average MOT price. Furthermore, costs can be reduced as dealers will no longer be needlessly calling and mailing customers whose MOT is not actually due.

Try our MOTCleanse calculator.

Live vehicle records:

Total number of live vehicle records in your DMS

Incorrect records:

Estimated number of records with an incorrect or no MOT date

Estimated conversion:

Estimated percentage of vehicles booking for an MOT after data cleansed and updated

Your MOT price :

The current price your customer pays for an MOT

Additional revenue per MOT :

Estimated additional revenue from work identified during an MOT

Total additional revenue:

Total increase in revenue from MOT sales

Expected gross margin :

The margin expected across the MOT and additional work identified

  • DVSA Data

    DVSA Data

    Each record is checked against the data held by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which ensures that each record is current, accurate and matches with the data held by the Department for Transport.

  • Bulk Cleanse

    Bulk Cleanse

    Vehicle records can be checked en masse where DMS integration is available or through a file provided by the dealer with those identified as having incorrect MOT dates, scrapped or having gone through a keeper change cleansed and presented back to the dealer to upload into the DMS.

  • Incremental Cleanse

    Incremental Cleanse*

    If integration is available with the DMS then an automatic, daily incremental check can be performed against the DVSA record for any vehicle created, or any having an invoiced job card that contains an MOT, to ensure that accurate MOT dates are maintained.

  • Choose What to Pay

    Choose What to Pay

    You can send us your entire vehicle databases, we can cleanse it, let you know how many records have MOT date discrepancies and then you can choose if you would like to buy the errors only or pay for all the records to be returned.

  • Reduces Your Costs

    Reduces Your Costs

    With accurate MOT dates, those customers detached from vehicles they no longer own and vehicles that have been scrapped updated in your DMS, unnecessary postage and outbound call costs will be removed and your follow up costs will be reduced.