Cars2 Ltd

Richard Catford CAE AMIMI │ Regional Aftersales Manager

Cars2 Ltd

Since the inception of our relationship with eDynamix nearing 3 years ago and being involved from the switch from a rival supplier it has been exceptional. We as a group looked at our suppliers for Health checks and service plans and asked what were they doing well? And what did they need to improve on? When we digested the answers to the questions we posed ourselves and invited eDynamix into present to us it was clear that the things that were wrong had been solved dramatically by the product this company offered. We changed our group over to eDynamix and the results were immediately clear we had made the right decision, our customers loved the new fresh look of the health check and the technology behind it allowing them to authorise defects/issues on their vehicles without having to break away from their day to answer or make a call into us, and the technicians and service advisors liked how slick it operated back of house. The service plan penetration also dramatically increased due to the ease of creating the plan and the clear open aspect it was displayed to the customer in, this also lead on to the increase in average plan prices sold to the customer. Over the last 36 months we have been extremely impressed as to how easy the system can be customised to individual group or site needs, we have made numerous amendments that allows us to become quicker and better placed to react to customer needs - eDynamix has accommodated this and worked with us to reach our goal. Now in the more recent months we are moving on to take more services from eDynamix and incorporate the online booking and service plan quotation facility to our own website and also the MOT cleanse to ensure all our data is correct and effective moving forward. All the new services on offer will as the initial VHC system did 3 years ago, transform our business in a way that allows us to be future proofed from a technology aspect and protect our future revenue. In short, this product is the single best system on the market to increase your business whilst allowing you more time to do business!

TMS Motor Group Logo

Oliver Hallows / Director

TMS Motor Group

eDynamix is not just a product supplier for TMS, but a great partner. Along with the products and services they provide, their understanding and support of the business is unrivalled. This includes the support team for resolving any issues or just simply to help is the best we’ve experienced and that is important for our fast paced industry, and the relationship with our account manager is equally as good. Development ideas are listened to and often implemented. With a dealer group origin they really understand the wants and needs and strive to develop their relationship, products and services around what’s really important. Their confidence shows with no contract sign ups!

Burrows Motor Company Logo

Ben Lowe / Group Digital Sales Manager

Burrows Motor Company

Burrows have been using the VIDEO1st platform since April 2018 and it has been a great enhancement to our business both for improving our customers experience but also helping increase our sales. Due to the positive experience with the personalised video platform we recently upgraded to the full package where we are now able to easily produce and upload stock videos for all our cars on AutoTrader. Thank you very much to Mark Johnson and the team at eDynamix.

The Caravan Company Group Logo

Matt Taylor / Director

The Caravan Company Group

The Caravan Company Group have been working with Mark and his team at eDynamix for the last six months, utilising VIDEO1st and Vehicle Health Check Systems. The introduction and set up was easy and managed professionally by Mark, he and his team provided specific training on the system to all members of the team which has helped increase front line sales as well as supporting our aftersales and servicing requirements.

Motorvogue Group Ltd Logo

Bill Gower / Group Aftersales Manager

Motorvogue Group Ltd

Having worked closely with the team from eDynamix over the last 12 months I can ask for no more from a partner in our Dealer Group. In terms of knowledge and help around the iVHC and service plan platforms, any of my team can contact eDynamix Client Services and get guidance straight away. In terms of performance coaching, our dedicated Account Manager has always been willing to attend our management meetings to talk to the team as a group and on a one to one basis. This has helped drive our monthly service plan sales by 116% since September 2018… Thank you eDynamix

Burrows Motor Company Logo

Debbie Palfreyman / Communications Team Manager

Burrows Motor Company

We use many aspects of the eDynamix system and have done so for over 8 years. It’s fair to say we continue to rely on them having put lots of our eggs in their basket. In essence looking after and making contact with our customers can be complex but with the help, support, dedication and expertise at eDynamix we know we are in safe hands. Whilst they work hard to keep their systems as simple as possible so all users can indeed use the system they never stand still – always looking for the next development area to ensure their systems continue to stay ahead of the game, providing workable solutions to customer interaction. Without exception – a group of people who genuinely care about what they do and delivering the very best in customer care.

Medway Hyundai Logo

Rob Beatson / Service Manager

Medway Hyundai

Since we have started using the eDynamix system we have seen an increase in our Red work identified from £63 per car to £93 per car, and we are still improving daily. We have seen an increase in the efficiency of our technicians as the system has allowed us to analyse exactly what they are reporting and also what our advisors are selling. It gives us the ability to drill down further by providing a very detailed reporting suite. The system is very easy to use and the team have taken to it very quickly. There is also a very good support structure should we need anything.

Endeavour Automotive Logo

Alasdair Jakes / Group Marketing Manager

Endeavour Automotive Ltd

We initially started using eDynamix for our Service Plans some years ago, and have added more and more of their products over time as we find their integration support and general product functionality extremely advantageous. We launched their Service & MOT Follow Up system in 2017 and have followed that up with a number of additions from the portfolio including online service booking and shortly online service plan bookings and look forward to what the future holds!

DM Keith Logo

Ian Adams / Aftersales Director

DM Keith

We are glad we got on board with eDynamix. After the financial support was withdrawn from our manufacturer driven service plans, we had to come up with a solution. eDynamix have done more than just that for us and we can already boast of having signed up over 500 customers since we started back in October. Our staff love it. The website is so easy to use from creating quotes, selling the plans and administering the work through, it’s all just so easy. Our customers love it too, simple, easy and affordable solutions for vehicle servicing and maintenance, made easy with monthly payments. Just what most people are looking for now.

Dack Motor Group Logo

Leo Dack / Director

Dack Motor Group

I had been looking for a system to enhance our customer contact/relations and something to keep us ahead of the competition as our current DMS falls behind with customer communication. I demoed about 10 alternative DMS solutions, none of them were a great deal more than what we had and the cost was out of reach for an independent. I then came across eDynamix via a link from a DMS site, every thing I read on their website sounded brilliant. MOTCleanse, Proactive Follow Up, Electronic Vehicle Health Check (iVHC), Service Plans and automatic reminders etc. I had a demo from Jon, normally I’d ‘sleep on it’ before making a decision. But I instantly knew this was exactly what I needed and signed up. Not only was the software amazing, but the support has been fantastic. Other companies were hard to contact and reach the right person, I think they felt that as we were an independent that we would be wasting their time! eDynamix integrated with our DMS after a matter of weeks and we’re now using every module that they have. We are saving hours in sending out service and MOT reminders and we’re also getting more feedback from customers due to the Survey module. Very glad I found out about eDynamix.

Richard Catford / Service Manager

Cars2 Ltd

Just a quick follow-on from our meeting today, I have to say how impressed we are with the new system from eDynamix. Moving away from our old VHC supplier was a big move as we had been with them for a long period of time and had grown with it and knew it practically inside out so switching to a new process was a big change for us. I can say however that the change to the new eDynamix has been excellent! We had training from yourself in house with the whole of our team to understand all the new features that your system offers. Once complete we took the decision with the team from the next day we would (despite still having our old system) use solely the eDynamix system. As a service department, we have taken to it with ease, the process is well laid out and you can navigate through the menus easily and clearly. It seems to have been put together by people who have or perhaps still do similar job to us. The feedback I have from the technicians has all been positive, they love how the new iVHC has access to MOT records and history on the vehicle, and especially the fact that if the vehicle has been subject to a recent VHC it also links that in so to avoid any crossover. Something that is completely new to ourselves is the Video/Photo function of the VHC. Having the ability to attach photos and a video to the health check is fantastic, they say a picture can say a thousand words and with a VHC space for words is tight so attaching a video has helped us massively! We as a business have seen a massive decrease in time taken to get jobs authorised since the system has been functional with us. Prior to eDynamix we had to complete the VHC then pass it to parts for pricing (the big hold up!) then over to service for labour costing before trying to contact the customer in between people arriving for appointments and answering incoming calls. Now once the VHC is completed it can check its own stock against our stocking levels - match up jobs with labour times cutting the process down by a huge amount of time. We then send the iVHC to the customer via the text/e-mail function and have had several instances where the customer has authorised within minutes of receiving the health check not even requiring a call from the service advisor, other times the customer is already aware of the issue before we call them negating the problem of people having to speak to their partners etc. as they have already had all the info in the VHC. As a system and a process, we have seen an increase in hours sold, a large increase in the amount of tyres and brakes sold (due to visual reference on the video) and a massive decrease in time taken to gain all this, and with time always in demand in a service department it is hugely welcome.
Keep up the good work......and thanks!!

Graham Greaves / Group Aftersales & Projects Manager

Harratts Group Ltd

Since the Harratts Group moved onto eDynamix, we have increased our average plan value from £411.00 to £1037.00. The eDynamix platform has given the Harratts Group a huge boost in service retention and it has also given the Service Advisors and Service Managers a much simpler system to work from. We are selling and quoting more plans than ever and our Service Plan customer base is growing by the day. The support by the eDynamix platform is also first class.

Jon McArthur / General Sales Manager

Essendon Skoda

An easy to use system that has real benefits for our Customers and us, no smoke and mirrors just a system that makes good sense.

Robyn Foulds / Financial Director

South Yarra Volkswagen

Easy to use, absolute complete package that caters for all transactions. Support is excellent. A win, win for us and our customers.

Andrew Bleasby / Service Manager

RMB Motor Group

Dynamic systems with excellent support.

Jason Ehlert / General Manager

Ringwood Volkswagen

The team from eDynamix were fantastic, the training and continued follow up from Sam and the rest of the team has been excellent. Customer retention is extremely important, this product offers a long term solution for both the customer and the dealership.

Graham Picken / Service Manager

John Roe Group

Great system backed up by a very professional team. We have enjoyed excellent results across the group.

Tony Jackson / Managing Director

Hodson Ford

Simple, fast, efficient and delivering a better recovery rate! Happy Hodsons!

John Barnes / Managing Director

Border Motor Group

eDynamix, from start to finish, have shown exceptional service from a team who understand the requirement and live their product! Thanks for all your support both at the outset and ongoing. Great products from a great team!

Debbie Palfreyman / Communications Centre Manager

Burrows Motor Group

Easy, useable, well thought out systems coupled with automated communications means the eDynamix platform is perfect for us,  complimented by people who understand our business, respect our goals and work both proactively and reactively on our behalf to ensure we stay ahead of the game.

Mark Robinson / Managing Director


As the managing director of the company I have long understood the benefit of selling service plans to our customers ensuring that we retain them as long standing aftersales customers. I have been particularly impressed with the point of sale end of the eDynamix service plan system.
This system has enabled our sales and aftersales team members to break records on a weekly basis since moving from a previous supplier. We are consistently selling more plans at a higher plan value than we have ever sold before.

Tim Swindin / Finance Director


From my perspective as Group Finance Director the eDynamix service plan system is fantastic. We are provided with daily activity reports that enable us to process cash and invoice transactions on a ‘real-time’ basis.
We also receive daily reconciliation reports that allow us to see at a glance whether any transactions have arisen that require action and that our DMS records are in balance with the eDynamix system reports. We no longer have to wait until after the month end to start reconciling reports as we are doing this on a daily basis thanks to the eDynamix report suites.

Dean Cooper / Operations Director


eDynamix is without doubt the most user and customer friendly service plan offering in the marketplace. It's ease of use and intuitive front end is leaps ahead of other similar packages as well as giving far greater flexibility and control of changing customer servicing requirements. To cap it off there is a support team who do just that, with first class response times, every time.

Julie Chapman / Group Communications Manager

Alan Day Volkswagen

The easy to use website portal and straightforward, self-generating reports, customer interface and effortless quotation facility is proving very popular with our users and are extremely flexible for our needs.
Our clients find all the information produced by the system clear, concise, transparent and easy to understand. This is coupled with outstanding IT support from the eDynamix support team.

David Renwick / Accounts Manager


There are several benefits with using the eDynamix system, but in summary the accounting control and associated costs demonstrated the greatest improvements. Since moving over to eDynamix we are seeing a projected saving of approximately £18,000 per annum!
Other than the cost, the major benefit from an accounting perspective, is the daily reconciliation which allows us to balance the system with our DMS. In addition we also have to manually approve any accounting transactions on daily basis, which is not time consuming, and allows for far greater control than with our previous provider. Any issues can be rectified immediately, not in bulk at the end of the month. Trying to reconcile 700 plans is extremely time consuming so this change has made a considerable impact on the time I have available to carry out my other duties.

Richard Hill / Joint Managing Director

Hills Automotive

Having changed to eDynamix as our service plan provider in mid- March I would like to thank Iain, Stuart and team for a seamless transition and first class support to enable us to hit the ground running. I consider the system to be the most user-friendly and the best system available which has helped us triple our service plan sales and increase the average term to over 4 years per plan.
I would recommend any dealership serious about growing their service plan sales to use eDynamix – it’s certainly the best decision I’ve made this year!

Kevin Lynch / Financial Controller

Mid Ulster Cars / TJ Hamilton & Co

We tried a number of different systems to sell and manage service plans and eDynamix proved to be the best by far. The speed of producing a quote, the flexibility of the plans, the ease of making amendments, the accounts reconciliation, fantastic support are some of the many reasons we moved.

John C. Walker / Group Compliance Manager

T.G. Holdcroft Motor Group

Holdcroft were first introduced to eDynamix in May 2011 and I was tasked with the project of rolling out the Service Plan application across all 12 franchises within the Group. We have since also adopted their iVHC, including video, and their Service Customer Contact and reminder software.

Over the last 3 years we have found them to be extremely flexible and responsive to suggestions for improvements and modifications to their original platform.

I would personally recommend eDynamix and their systems to any motor dealer, but there are far too many advantages to list in a short testimonial.

Richard Wagstaffe / Managing Director

Thurlby Motors

After a review of our aftersales business growth plan a focus was needed on service plan sales across business, we decided to use eDynamix as our provider based on the ease of using their system and reports. We have now been live for 7 months and have seen a massive growth in our penetration from sales and service departments as well as an increase in our average term. Based on the excellent service level we have received from eDynamix we have now installed their iVHC system to offer us a complete package.

Andrew Hunt / Group After Sales Manager


The eDynamix service plan system has increased our average plan value by over 35%. We now are able to build in so much more to each service plan, and can list any number of optional extras from air conditioning services to timing belt changes, all in a transparent and convenient way for customers to pay for monthly. The system is quick and easy use, and has seen our service plan sales increase.
The reporting suite and daily management reports are fantastic, allowing all aspects of performance to be monitored very closely, providing evidence to challenge the Centres and Team Members. Changes to a customers circumstances can be easily accommodated by the click of a few buttons, for example a customer suddenly doing higher mileage than what the plan was set up at.

Steve Hopewell / Managing Director

Lindop Group

We have been working with eDynamix since August last year and chose them for several reasons.
-The flexibility and transparency the system offers both to customers and our team.
- It is 'call centre friendly', the system is very structured and makes for an easy sales presentation face to face or over the phone.
- The quotation system allows us to factor in higher or lower mileage usage during the life of the plan, and it easily transferable to allow the customer to change their car.
- The accounting reconciliation is vastly superior to the system we were using previously, and has made control of the service plan account much more efficient.
- We are now selling plans to non franchise customers.
- The eDynamix management reporting package is excellent.
- Because of the simplicity of the product, Lindop have previous 'non believers' selling plans daily.
- Our average plan value has risen by over 40% compared to what it was with our previous supplier, and we have passed the £250000 total live plan value mark during March.
- At this rate and allowing for the 3 year maturity factor we will have live plans worth almost £1.5m annually by August 2014.

Steve Ure / Call Centre Manager

Lindop Group

In the six months we've been using the eDynamix Service Plan system we have seen our plan values increase by 40%. I honestly believe this is due to the transparency that eDynamix brings to the Service Plan sales process as well as the ability to up-sell add-on items within the plan.
We, as a company also love the friendly in-house competition created by the plan sale notification email that everyone receives when a plan is sold. There is also a statistics page so that everyone can see how sales are going and who is winning on the sales leader-board.

Mark Derbyshire / Dealer Principal


The system is so user friendly my little 18 month old niece could use it! In our first full month of using the system we have raised 20 plus plans. It's a great product, great support team and it's the future for our business!

Andrew Pickering / Service Manager

TL Darby Volkswagen

eDynamix is a very user friendly website that will help you keep your customers coming back every year for servicing. We have been using for nearly 12 months and we have had fantastic service from set up, to training and I would recommend to anyone.

Andrew Hockedy / Managing Director

Trust Group UK

Trust Group UK adopted eDynamix as our preferred supplier of Vehicle Service plans having reviewed various suppliers in the market place. We were attracted to eDynamix through the simplicity of operation and the ability of the system to translate our own service plan requirements into a customer facing product offering.
We continue to grow our service plan customer base and look forward to an on-going relationship with eDynamix.

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